Constitution Ideas

Please post your ideas regarding the Constitution in general, what should be there and what should be excluded.

You may find the Constitution in our GitHub repo.

First article: Every private property including the body is protected from government and other private or legal entities without any exception. Every infringement of private property is a criminal act and shall be punished with full compensation of all losses.
Second: The right to bare arms could not be restricted in any circumstances. Every restriction is a criminal act.
Third: The right to free speech could not be restricted in any circumstances. Every restriction is a criminal act.
Fourth: No government, private or legal entity can enforce the use of any transaction currency. Every enforcement is a criminal act.
Fifth: Every private contract have to be based on voluntary informed consent. Every enforcement or misuse of informed consent is a criminal act.
Sixth: Every private contract that lead to enforced death or slavery even based voluntary informed consent is invalid.
Seven: Every voluntary association with others could not be restricted in any circumstances. Every restriction is a criminal act.
That’s all for now.

  1. We have that, Book 1 & Book 6 in the beginning, to indicate this is really really REALLY important. It is also protected to the extreme, that not even a constitutional majority of Liberlanders of 2/3 LLM and 2/3 head count vote can overturn it, only the Constitutional Convention can, which is the ultimate legislative measure, see the last Book.
  2. Croatia wouldn’t thank us for arming insurgents in the neighboring countries or known violent criminals. Plus, there will be soon a time when nonlethal weapons gain a stopping effect comparable to lethal weapons. What we do with this is:
    a) the police can’t use weapons that Liberlanders don’t habitually use (no militarization); and
    b) citizens without violent criminal records have a full and unlimited right to bear arms, no licensing, no nothing.
  3. Yes, Bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression. Fully covered.
  4. Yes, Bill of Rights, Right to Good Governance, and Freedom from Counterfeiting. Fully covered including a prohibition of setting up a central bank or a central bank-like institution. That’s one of the reasons why LLM Vault must go under Senate and not Congress (can explain if this sounds like inside baseball).
  5. I am not sure what you mean; care to elaborate?
  6. Yes, we have that in the Bill of Rights, a stern and strict prohibition of slavery which is unabashedly a positive right - even a contract made under informed consent that leads directly to slavery or even a slavery-like situation is always invalid. The Contract Law sets cogent prohibitions of child labor when the kid is under 13 (they can work, but they can always give their consent back and it invalidates any contractual obligations or penalties).
  7. Yes, the Bill of Rights, Freedom of Association.

Note: I use the names of the institutes for reference, if you search for the name, you will find the actual article.

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