Volunteer to Help Liberland - Gain LLM / Liberland-initiated

Discussion thread for those interested in volunteering to help Liberland. Please use this thread only to reply to existing postings, mainly to ask questions regarding them.

In this thread, you can share ideas about jobs you might want to perform for Liberland and gain LLM. For that particular topic, you will get paid according to the general market situation in middle Europe/the Balkans for the type of job. Until Blockchain launch, 1 LLM = 1 USD.

If you collect 5000 LLM, you may gain Citizenship. Also, the token has deflationary tokenomics (hard market cap), and is ideal for long-term HODL.

For a direct application (“I think I understand that task, I have what it takes, let’s go!”), please write us at

There is another thread where you may actively suggest jobs you want to accomplish for us. We are thrilled to hear from you, but we need to separate the two forms of initiative (Liberland vs. Citizen) to process the offers efficiently.


Are you familiar with HTML, Markup and, above all, GitHub Pages and how to set up “wikies” for crypto projects in particular? Can you create templates and perhaps even fill them with “copy” text?

You may be the person the Ministry of Justice needs to set up the GitHub pages for

  • Liberland in general,
  • Constitution & Laws, and
  • Blockchain.

Please contact us at justice@gov.ll.land!


Are you familiar with the inner workings of Matrix/Element? Are you not afraid of

  • Setting up Matrix servers?
  • Setting up a community around Matrix?

We might have a job just for you. This one is tricky: We would like to connect the Matrix server to this forum, so that the forum becomes a “back end” to the Matrix. Meaning:

  • You will be able to make posts on Matrix, and they will show here; and
  • Forum posts will show on the Matrix channel.

The Matrix will contain

  • a restricted version, where Liberland login only can get you; the only place connected to this Forum; and
  • a non-restricted version for general discussion, which will NOT see the Forum.

Is this possible? Can you do it? Please contact us at justice@gov.ll.land!