Liberland Marketplace

Every E-Resident and Citizen can right now start offering their products and services on our Liberland Marketplace!

Want to know more? Please ask us anything marketplace-related.

Stuck here forever on the Marketplace: “Ahh! Your request still under review.”
Where can I get any Support?

Try also to send several Emails … but they all trapped by spamprotection … host[] said: 451 relay not permitted! (in reply to RCPT TO command)

Contacting Peter. I expect him to contact you today.

You have been confirmed at our marketplace. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Happy trading! Out of curiosity, which products are you offering? :slight_smile:

At start only virtual products, like virtual energy counted in virtual currency, if anyone are willing to exchange their hard earned wealth for it.

Still: “Ahh! Your request still under review.”

And by the way with you US telephone:
“Also the Got Questions ? Call us 24/7! +1 331-234-1212”
No one is answering with WhatsApp, is this intentional?

Has the issue been resolved?