Liberland Company Bill

Virtual Power Bill with your individual Address from a registered Liberland Company

This product is sold virtually. Your purchase includes all virtual costs shown on the resulting invoice.

The creation of the invoice can be tested here (https: // / ? code=DEMO) with the voucher code DEMO.

After the purchase, the buyer must send an email to together with the purchase transaction (very important) and will receive a coupon code together with the link to create the individual virtual electricity bill from LLPower. The invoice will be provided as a PDF file only, physical delivery is not possible and is part of this sale.

The voucher code can be used to create up to five virtual bills in total, after which the voucher code becomes invalid. If consistent invoices need to be created, the same customer number must be used, preset is a randomly generated number.

Please remember to send us an email so we can provide you with your individual voucher code URL.

Thanks for sharing the info. I am not clear in what cases for what purpose currently and in the future this virtual Power Bill can be used for the a. person, b. for the registered Liberland company ?

Thanks and regards

Many companies (like banks, exchanges, etc.) outside of Liberland need some kind of proof of address to accept you as a customer. This bill could help to bridge the gap as a Liberlandian or also as a non Liberland citizen.

Now available at the Liberland Market: