Let's Meet Up in Amsterdam: A Casual Gathering for Liberland Enthusiasts and Contributors!

Hello, fellow Liberlanders!

I’m reaching out to anyone in the Amsterdam area (or willing to travel) actively involved with or working on projects related to Liberland. Let’s get together for a casual meet-up. Grabbing a beer, exchanging ideas, and discussing our experiences and visions for Liberland would be great.

This gathering is intended for those actively contributing to Liberland’s growth and development in various capacities. It’s a chance for us to network, share insights, and spark some collaborative ideas for the future of Liberland.

If you’re in the area and this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please let me know! We can arrange a time and place that works for everyone. Meeting like-minded individuals passionate about Liberland’s innovative and pioneering spirit sounds inspiring.

I’m looking forward to some great conversations and connections!


That sounds good!
But when and where?

that’s nice but where and when