Legislative Ideas

Do you want to see a Law drafted in Liberland? Do you have ideas about one of the existing Laws or Laws in general?

You can see the draft laws in our GitHub Repo (Google Docs links in issues).

For ideas specific to one particular draft (for example the Citizenship Law, Police Law, etc.), feel free to start a new discussion under the Liberland/Laws category.

In my opinion you just need a basic constitution with at max ten rules … every more law is totally unnecessary. Even about ten we could discuss how to shrink them to seven …
All else are contracts between individuals based on voluntary informed consent.

This is an interesting point - Common Law vs. Civil Law? Common Law-type jurisdictions are more flexible and organic. Civil Law type jurisdictions are more precise and manage expectations. In order to live and do business, you need both the freedom and flexibility and the knowledge of what is legal and what is not. Recent “gray area” machinations on the part of legacy States show us that uncertainty is a powerful weapon in the hands of authority. Common Law gone wrong is a frightful beast and fixed legislation, like the Constitution or powerfully formulated, simple Laws, can be a great silver bullet.

Also, other States expect us to have a State-like structure. I would judge to have at MINIMUM the laws which I am drafting, a couple more (Congress rules which must be a Law as well come to mind). Otherwise, we will be accused of being an anarchy of the “bad kind”, so to say.

I like to see Liberland as one of the freest and also richest (counted by private property) countries of the world. Why start by one congress? Liberland can have as many congresses as the citizens are voluntary willing to pay for. So group A can choose to live under ruleset A and group B (or CDEF…) under a different ruleset without any interference with each other.
Ony power hungry dreamers try convince the citizens there should only be few options and you can only vote for the lesser evil.

That is right. If you look at the Constitution, we have a paragraph called Public Private Partnerships. This is usually not a nice thing, but it is in our modification. For us, Public-Private Partnerships mean: government doesn’t have a monopoly on anything except for criminal justice, prohibition of slavery, and protection of property. The last one is very general, but it must be that way.

So, do you want to create your legislature or your subcommunity in Liberland? You can. Do you want to have a private court and a private law to judge by? You can provided you respect property.

Liberland works a bit like this: The GNU General Public License v3.0 - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation.

  1. You are free to modify and work with it as you please…
  2. … provided you adhere to the basic libertarian values of the country.
    Obviously, you will if your people give informed consent to your governance. And you don’t steal, condone theft, taxes at gunpoint, you don’t harm, murder, etc.

You can take a look into the Judicial Process draft law where we work this in greater detail.

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Agree “Public Private Partnerships” is a code word for pure fascism. One pay (getting distorted) and the others chose and provide.
I prefer a choosing for everything … if you need some protection or want to trade (exchange) under some rules you can agree to some juridical rules including to getting punished if you violate the contract with a process how the violation is been detected or proofed for a limited time. This could be done by multiple “court company” with public or enclosed trials that’s should be up to the contract partners.