Hosting amateur radio and asserting sovereignty

Not sure where to post such topics so I’m just adding it to the pile here. Please advise if I’m posting here incorrectly.

Radio spectrum and amateur radio is strictly licensed and controlled by countries globally.

It would be an exercise of sovereignty and a marketing campaign for Liberland to host amateur radio operators for a transmission event. It could conveniently occur during the Floating Man Festival. There are many such meetups around the world and sometimes amateur radio operators will go to remote locations to set up a transmission and broadcast across the world, identifying their unique position. These broadcasts are then sometimes commemorated with stickers or pins. Anyone qualified could broadcast around the world advising that they are at the sovereign territory of Liberland.

A future topic would be to issue licenses for amateur radio operators based in Liberland and to be recognised by the International Amateur Radio Union along with the other 159+ countries that are on the list. Such a traditional cultural institution may add credibility to Liberland.

This is not a high priority item or a necessity, but a useful exercise to assert sovereignty and gain some international recognition.

Perhaps it is not a direction or technology considered useful by Liberland since it is part of traditional establishments and legacy connectivity, but it is a universal and global communication medium. If considering short and long wave communication, it includes aviation, marine, and other government/military organisations.

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