What can the E-Residency Card be used for?

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that E-Residency card is not travel document and I will not use it in any identification out of the Liberland system or its partners.

Can anyone explain this in simple terms please?

Is there any point in having one?

Are we allowed, for example, to post a picture of our own?

Peace, love and light.


Speaking from my personal opinion:

The e-residency card is there to serve as a way to prove you are part of the Liberland e-residency system and (possibly) to verify identity.

I am not aware of any law against posting pictures of one’s own e-residency card. However, I personally would blur out all potentially-sesitive information before posting online.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you Johnathan, really appreciate the help.

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I noticed in the 12/22 newsletter there are new designs for the e-residency card and passports. Will existing e-residents receive the new design card. Or can we apply to receive the new card?

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Hi Greg,

Do you have a link to the newsletter please?

I don’t see a permanent link. You can sign up for the newsletter from the bottom right of the homepage.

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Thanks Greg, I have the newsletter and some information is in there.