Technology for internet of things and smart city

I open a question, we all know that life in contact with nature and with less electromagnetism is lived better, but as a city of the future and in step with the times we need to evaluate the iot
as the 5th Generation uses a technology that is too harmful, I observed that to take advantage of the internet of things you can opt for wifi6 (but I don’t know) or LoRaWAN (a long range wifi)
or the best thing that uses artificial light to transmit data is LiFi (the healthiest solution) and not too difficult to apply in a small country like Liberland :slight_smile:

What do you think?

let’s talk about internet technology that interfaces cities and citizens :+1:

Why you bother Liberland is not a recognized country when it is recognized we start talking

ok sorry I thought it might be of interest.
you’re right

Starlink would probably be the way to go, and have enough bandwidth that initial settlers could share a connection.