🚗 Ridesharing to / from Floating Man

Offering a ride

Last time the pickup in Budapest was a little bit chaotic (long wait for everyone)

This time I’m flying to Belgrade (Thursday 10th August 20:00) and renting a car to have more options, more flexibility, etc…

I will have 4 seats available, currently it is just me.

Then back on Monday in the morning.

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Hey Mars! Could my wife, a friend and I carpool with you? So 3 people total? We can help with some of the gas.

Seems like I’ve confirmed on a Signal group already…

There is also FB group: Liberland Carpool | Facebook

We are friends.

We are family.

We are helping each other.

We are resourceful.

Of course, if you have a free seat in your :red_car: make yourself known…

I really enjoyed sharing the ride.

When asked how much money - my instinctive reaction was “pay it forward” (abundance mindset) but one participant was insisting so I tried to come up with some round number like 2000 Dinars or 20 Euro.

(actually fuel is pretty expensive these days, I don’t have a car so I didn’t realise how this is affecting society - your contributions are truly appreciated)

Ended up settling on 0.001 BTC which is even more beautiful round number.

As a result, here is a cool name for the ridesharing website…

:red_car: Seats 4 Sats :red_car: