Pockets of Freedom around the world

I wanted to ask the community how they rated their local area in terms of safety, what are the potential risks of that being degraded and whether they would recommend it as a potential location to move to? Similarly business friendly jurisdictions open to trade both in Europe and around the world.

Would appreciate where I can find this type of information.


From my 17+ years of business experience here in Romania taxes are pretty low (1-3% income for micro-institutions) oe 10% on profits, however the bureaucracy and constantly changing regulations (sometimes monthly) and required documents kill most start-ups.

At minimum you need an expert accountant who knows all current laws, constantly watches all new laws, additonally a director that deals with red tape exclusively - for a start-up/small business.

This is exactly why many Romanians entrepreneurs have chosen to pay MORE taxes in other countries (Estonia, UK, Lithuania) just to get rid of bureucracy and earn their time back, and actually work in building up their business, deal with clients.

TL;DR: There are no perfect solutions, only trade-offs. Maybe after Liberland gets recognized by the EEA.

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Relevant resource in such decision making:

The hardest aspect is visas, I’ve done extensive research of this over at Bevry’s digital nomad forum:

Many countries are now experimenting with visas specifically for technologists, including Malaysia, however Covid has probably put many of those things on hold.

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