New Ideas & Solutions - Private Sector

Whether you are a Liberland citizen, e-resident or running a business in Liberland, feel free to post here suggestions of services, products, apps and features that you would find useful (and monetizable :money_with_wings:), which do not necessarily fall under the responsibility of the government.

The goal is for us to :brain: brainstorm proposed issues, then have the free market provide solutions to our needs and desires as to thrive and help develop Liberland’s economy and social sphere.


Hi everyone, my name is Loris, I live in Italy and I’m one of the representatives of Liberland in Italy, in particular for the libertarian and crypto movements in Italy. I make business with the American company Herbalife Nutrition since 2005. The company is open in 95 countries (Serbia and Croatia included), and is one of the biggest producer of meal replacements, dietary supplements and personal care products. As an Independent Distributor everyone can develop the business in all the countries where the company is open, and have the right to move legally and relocate the business to another country. It’s possible also to maintain the business in the country of origin and then move around the globe making business. This opportunity could be interesting for people that want to move around avoiding Covid restrictions and for people that want to develop a profitable business without investing huge amount of money. If someone is interested in having more informations can contact me here or email me at

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