My LL passport arrived today (7th LL Anniversary)!

Today, on the 7th Liberland Anniversary, I received my Liberland passport.

I am a dual citizen! :raised_hands:



Iā€™m still waiting for mine. How long ago did you apply for citizenship?

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Congratulations! Great day to have received it.

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I sent in my application for E-residency back in September of 2020. I had to earn the vast majority of my LLM through volunteering. I passed the 5000 LLM mark in March of 2021 and received my certificate of citizenship within the next month or two.

By the time I officially became a citizen, we were already preparing to issue a new type of passport for non-diplomats, so I waited and could have received it in Jan-Feb of 2022, but I was traveling at the time. So that is why I received it yesterday. :passport_control:

Thanks for the explanation. I became a citizen in December of 2021, a Christmas gift to myself. But I received the certificate and not the passport. I was curious to see if they will be issuing the passports to all citizens or if we have to pay extra for that.