Merry Christmas! Or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year

Hi all! It’s Doug Barbieri, just thought I’d say introduce myself.

I really enjoyed the Liberland Christmas Zoom Party. The breakout rooms were a fantastic idea–I really enjoyed chatting with the people I met!

I discovered Liberland at the 2016 Anarchapulco conference. I met Vit in person there, who shook my hand and made it quite clear this was the country for me. I since contributed merits and became a citizen (along with my wife, Soledad).

What brought you to Liberland? I want to hear your story…

All the best!

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Welcome, Doug and Soledad!

I likewise enjoyed the 2021 Liberland Christmas Zoom Party.

I got involved with Liberland in 2020 after a libertarian e-friend mentioned it to me. When I researched what Liberland was, I knew I had to join the cause. After several months, I earned my citizenship through volunteer work. I started out with writing articles for Liberland Press, but I have also been branching out into other areas to help.

Happy holdidays to all!


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