Making citizenship laws preserve libertarian culture without violating rights of the children of Liberlandians

How can we make citizenship laws that preserve libertarian culture without violating rights of the children of Liberlandians?

One of the things that we see a lot is that societal values evolve as generations come and go. For example, we have seen Switzerland becoming less private than it was in previous generations. In addition, the U.S. has been increasingly prioritizing government-imposed “safety” measures which undermine individual rights, especially after 11 Sep 2001. How can we keep Liberland from repeating the mistakes of other nations which allow themselves to devolve into a culture which abandons the liberty-friendly mindset?

Possible solution: Customize the rights and duties of LL citizenship

Since children do not necessarily share the values of the parents, I think we should discuss making a couple of subcategories of citizenship.

Junior citizen

A person would be required to fulfill the following criteria to become a junior citizen:

  • Be born to a parent who is a citizen of Liberland OR be born legally on Liberland soil.

A junior citizen would enjoy the following rights:

  • All rights of citizens not explicitly denied by law to junior citizens.
  • Right to travel on a Liberland passport (in order to possibly go to a country that better fits their personal values).
  • Junior citizens would have priority when the Liberland government processes applications for full citizenship.

Full citizen

Full citizens would be persons who have personally demonstrated a serious commitment to Liberland. A person would be required to fulfill the following criteria in order to become a full citizen:

  • Fulfill all requirements for outside applicants for citizenship, including ideological alignment, KYC, and collecting the required quantity of LLM.

A full citizen would enjoy the following rights:

  • All rights granted to citizens,
  • Right to vote in Liberland elections and to be eligible for public office,

Please share feedback

I know much of the Western World has been trending toward the idea of “universal suffrage”, so I expect this proposal to be quite controversial. Nonetheless, I think it is important for us to at least reconsider what it means to be a citizen.

The society we are working to build is one in which is primarily based on the idea of “negative rights”. In other words, I have rights which require you to NOT do something to me.

The right to participate in political decision-making, while extremely useful, is not in and of itself a negative right (in my opinion). Rather, voting is a means to an end. Voting can be used to expand liberties, and it can also be used to restrict liberties. I personally think that future generations of Liberlandians will be more likely to continue to be libertarian if they are personally invested into Liberland as a liberty-friendly country. Granting voting power on the basis of jus soli or jus sanguinis will inevitably dilute Liberland’s ideological composition as a libertarian country.

Of course, maybe I am wrong about this whole concept. Feel free to challenge my thinking here. Together I am confident we can sharpen each other’s minds on this topic.