LODE - a peer to peer transaction system based on Gold and Silver

Hi Community.

I wanted to post this project called LODE.

I though in these inflation times, sound money is a topic that is likely gaining traction.

If anyone is interested in Gold and Silver in a digital form on the blockchain, please checkout https://ag.lode.one/

I don’t want this post to seem invasive to the community and if it would be I’ll gladly strike it down and delete it if requested.

On the other hand if you see any value in it or find anyone that is looking for something of the sort, I encourage you to please send them this project.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

very easy to use what you posted, interesting!
if instead you want to buy gold and silver and other stable international coins (for now) with monero technology, i suggest you to look at haven protocol

beautiful thanks to your suggestion I met the gold standard dao project (fork of olympusDao) coming out, it looks very promising!