Liberland - Unicode - emoji - ISO - standarisation


We should totally lobby Unicode to add Liberland emoji.

While we are at it:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • cannabis

(was never illegal in the first place, no need to legalise)

List of countries

Obviously, need to put Liberland on the map.

I’m originally from Poland, rather than scrolling all the way down, I use my keyboard to type “P”

Pitcairn Islands is a real thing

:pitcairn_islands: Pitcairn Islands

47 people living there…

Tangental thought, there are other “interesting” territories:

:guernsey:Guernsey :jersey:Jersey :gibraltar:Gibraltar :isle_of_man:Isle of Man

These territories have their own tax regime, loads of gambling sites operate from there, loads od people use them for tax residency due to 0% tax.

Race to the bottom (0% tax) makes it obvious that voluntary tax is the only fair way, long live the Liberland.

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Once the emojis are designed, we can make them usable inside this forum, even prior to standardisation inside emoji.

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News dropped…