Liberland "roadmap"

Hey there, I just signed up to become a e-residence of Liberland. I have been following this project for years, though. Probably since 2015.

Anyway, I was thinking: I am a liberterian for years, and know other liberterians in my country. We all heard of Liberland but no one cares about it since it seems way to abstract: not only benefits for e-residents/citizens are extremely limited currently, but also there is no available content regarding real progress and / or roadmap for making this vision a true reality. I remember the amount of hope I had when first hearing about this project, but it seems to me it had little-to-none progress in those years.

I want to make it very clear: this is not to be taken as criticism or blaming, but rather communicating the feelings of outsiders liberterians, and see if I, maybe, could help fix it.

I was hoping to discuss three questions:

  1. Am I wrong? Are there any clear roadmap making this vision a reality? Festivals, tech infra and some diplomatic meetings are nice, but is that it, or there’s more?
  2. I believe not only having such roadmap but also extrenelize it (publish it, convey the vision to millions of liberterians around the world) is very important to actually execute this vision. What do you guys think?
  3. Apart contribute money, connect to diplomats/politicans or code for blockchain projects it is unclear to me how can I or others could help this vision a reality, and I think it’s a shame. I’m sure there is much more to do in other domains that are more likely to provide results in the short & mid term. It feels to me (and again, don’t take it as criticism! I’m clueless about this projcts!) either the efforts are misallocated or not extrenelize well to the public.

I really hope this text wouldn’t be taken the wrong way. I’m here to discuss and understand whether I can help making this dream a reality & how. I hope feedbacks here could help me believe in this project more. Cheers!

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Hi there!
I don’t entirely disagree with your post. As a Representative, I agree on many points - one of the things I mentioned in our weekly call today was that as Representatives, we need to do a better job connecting the world to LL and LL to the world.

One example that springs to mind is a meeting I’ve had (and will have a follow-up next month) with a large city in Colombia. It’s a Tech Hub, a University ‘Town’ and has one of, if not the best, hospital in Latin America. Working with their government leaders, it’s becoming possible to create something of a ‘menu’ wherein LL Residents and Citizens would be able to invest, hire employees (at reduced rates, because of the reduced cost of living in Colombia, for example) and perhaps start a business with a tax deferment for 3-5 years.

While things like these aren’t perfect solutions, they are a step toward showing that we are a recognized nation - or at least the wallets of our nationals are recognized, and also provides a service to both communities.

As we begin to build diplomatic in-roads like these, along with leveraging LAF, the soft power projection becomes more evident, and gives us an advantage in going forward to create a more well-defined roadmap.

You likely wander into a store because they have a flashy sign or something that catches your eye. Once inside you can see they have more to offer than just the flair that drew you in.

The festivals, tech push, and meetings announce to the world that we exist. As we finalize the constitution and begin the bedrock of government we can show the world WHY we exist.

Hi Randy, thank you for the response, appreciate it.

I think it is important to differentiate between a singular achievement to a general goal. I indeed have seen during the years some achievements similar to the one you mention. The problems I focus on here are different: the emerging big picture and the alignment of supporters.

I’m working at a startup, and eventhough there’s great uncertainity, we built a roadmap so every part of the organization can be aligned with the vision, sync on it and work for it so it can become real. It also makes them believe in the grand vision since they can imagine how we get from current point to achieve goals two years from now. From external point of view, it helps our potential customers understand what is it exactly we’re trying to do and how and onboard them on the vision. Once roadmap exist, vision becomes both more clear and more achievable. This changes actually makes the team more likely to achieve the goals, since direction is clear and supporters from outside are easier to onboard (which is extremely important in LL situation imho).

Even though for sure singular achievements are important, I think they tend to be weaker when no one “connects the dots”. Think of the size of the liberterians / classic liberals community around the world. Only a fraction even sign up to the LL site, not to mention actually involved. There’s a reason, and I tend to believe this is a big part of it. We don’t see clear enough how the city in Colombia is the right path towards making LL a reality. Speaking for myself, but believe it is true for others: I am not aligned, do not understand the big picture and can’t see how the vision is achieved. I do not know how to contribute / being involved. I can’t imagine. And I believe I have decent amount of imagination.

Regarding my qustions in the origial post, as far as I understand:

  1. Don’t have yet
  2. Didn’t answer
  3. Didn’t answer

By the way, you talked about idea that partnership with the colombian city (as an example) helps getting recognition. I tend both to disagree & think it is not really important. If we look at humans from mainly incentives perspective, which I do, I fail to see how this helpful for getting recognition (how it makes incentives to other countries recognize LL?). I also fail to see how recognition is even the most important goal? It is definetly important, but I think the first goal is getting more people onboard and then work for recognition; not the other way around.

From my perspective, LL must create a strong correlation between being involved (e-residents, residents, citizens, whatever) to personal freedom. In startup terms, this is the “Unique Value Proposition” of LL. LL now should build the “Minimal Valuable Product” for “customers” to actually provide this value asap. Queseion is what is this MVP exactly and how can you/we deliver it asap. For me the answer for any of these questions is “unclear”, thus I cannot support / help in any way. Hell, I even have no good way to communicate these thoughts (this forum, with all due respect, is a decade behind normal ways to communicate, not really active, and I have no idea if writing here actually can affect something and how).

Edit: The recognition is important because it would be a lot harder for someone to say there isn’t a roadmap if we were having this discussion on our land, in our country.

So recognition is vitally important so we can stand on our own ground and have these discussions.

Is there any other kind of goal but a singular one?

Pennies make dimes
Dimes make dollars.

I’d say it’s quite difficult to argue with a City that wants to enter into trade relations, offers the use of their hospital for volunteer work that can be recognized on the world stage as having been provided by the cooperation of Liberland, and because of that recognition - the domino effect in growing our community.

I think you seem to take issue with ‘what community, and where?’ well, if you’ve been an expat…it’s a lonely life.

But eventually more of your ilk arrive and things take a turn.

As 20 e-residents gather to celebrate the hospital providing it’s 40th cleft palate surgery, hundreds more are intrigued by the happenings and press coverage.

LL was invited to monitor the recent elections in Colombia. As we begin to grow our diaspora, the map will fill out.

Othwerwise, I might as well give up, right? Because what’s the point of the 33 Congress members who have signaled their support for LL? Or the 20 applications for residency over the last couple of weeks?

There is a map through the forest, and there are guideposts. They are growing in number and frequency.

Once we’ve adopted our official constitution, the next bit of bedrock that we build upon will be the relationships cultivated with the e-residents and citizens mined the world over through acts of diplomacy from recognition.

As far as your 1, 2, and 3:

Join in on our weekly calls. See the roadmap, understand how the puzzle pieces fit. Become one of those puzzle pieces.

Be the change if you don’t see one happening.

Fighting disease as a physician is not a singular track, as much as we like to portray that it is.

Fighting a war as a soldier is not a singular track, as much as we like to portray that it is.

Raising a child as a father is not a singular track, as much as we like to portray that it is.

I’ve done all three, and they’re never done. In all of them there is a sense of nation building.

Building a nation isn’t something we can solve in the back of a taxi cab after one too many at the bar. It takes work. Connections. Money. And a damn fine lot of dedicated folks.

I hope to see you on the calls, there’s plenty of work to be done.