Liberland Logistics Hub

Wondering if there’s a way to create a Logistics Hub in the Free Trade Zone to compete with corporations such as DHL or UPS. Or convincing them to set up an operation with us.


Access to goods on-demand is definitely going to be an important thing for making life convenient for those who reside in Liberland.

I was actually thinking about the idea of America and how it’s decentralised but limited to a geographical location.

I thought that Liberland has the advantage of being on the Blockchain and not being constrained by geography. So you won’t have to “secure the border” and with assets and value moving to the metaverse, then there’s an argument to be made that we might not all need to settle on Liberland territory.

Maybe Liberland’s advantage and durability will be in those believing in its values while being scattered around the world and providing decentralisation to the network of “freedom loving people”. Same as what happened to the Bitcoin network leaving China and going to different countries.

Especially with the online marketplace being opened now and this forum.
Maybe we should gather people together and see what can be done to support each other since we represent freedom and liberty in different areas. Not so much counting on changes in one’s own country but providing resources to each other so we won’t have to go at it alone.

Anyways still deciding whether to settle there. Would love to visit but this is my two cents on the topic.

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