Liberland License Plates

I wonder if there’s any talk about having License plates for vehicles. How to go about it? What would it look like?


I heard discussions on such a project, but from what I understand (not being involved), while the service is ready to go, it was postponed to after Liberland gains EU recognition. (you wouldn’t be able to use the license plate on your car until then)

On the other hand, Liberland already has a Ship Register where your boat, ship, yacht will receive a Liberland license, “numbers” and flag.

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How about “no license plates” instead? I’m not sure why we need it, it’s too Big Brother for me. Unless we had a private system or two.


You are missing the point: the idea is not to drive within Liberland with these plates/licenses but outside of it (mostly in the EU) while being accepted as valid, recognized vehicle ID by other countries highway law enforcement officers.

I am sure vanity plates such as “no licence plate” and “Too Big Brother for me” will be considered ::


I’m not sure it’s a good idea to flaunt Liberland nationalism in other countries. These number plates would be top heavy in custom digits. Many people would be displaying a message or statement on their cars in other countries, which incidentally could well be going through political turmoil in upcoming years. A status symbol even if they weren’t customized. Wouldn’t Liberland be better off keeping under the radar with these sort of status symbols.
I think we would be better off directing our energies to other areas of Liberland success.

I like Doug’s idea; lets just not have number plates, if we do drive around Liberland we can drive around with out plates, that would be unique wouldn’t it?