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How will we ensure the impartiality of our judges if Liberland is such a small country? Will judges need to have NEVER had any business/political/etc. relationships with any party in a dispute? If so, it may be necessary to have judges who are physically located in different places of the world. If a restaurant gets sued, but everyone who physically lives in Liberland has bought food from them, does that make the judges/jurors biased?

Thank you for your question!

We will draft a process code which will set the definitions what constitutes a biased judge. I expect to use examples from currently working systems. What to put in it depends on the broader consensus of the Cabinet and/or the Assembly. I think that:

  • Liking a restaurant doesn’t make you automatically biased but if the lawyer states his case well that you personally are biased and here and here is the proof, this might succeed before the court of appeals.
  • Owning in part the restaurant for example would be a clear bias
  • Political and other functions, I don’t know. Liberland is currently rather liberal in this (setting the requirements to be a judge on their erudition and moral conduct), but the law/regulation might later state other restrIctions.

This: We will make a process law and Judges will have their own standards of conduct probably also defined as a law or a regulation of some kind. These two (or more) norms will state further the detailed answers to your questions and define terms like contempt, bias etc. for Liberland’s legal order.

Judges will be removable by the public veto and by the president. This is enshrined in the Constitution.

The system is built to work also with judges located in different parts of the world.

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Any way we can set up the incentives so that judges wouldn’t have to face that problem. I guess the best way is a smart contract à la Bitcoin. Rules based contracts would probably work since it enables the user to adapt to the contract. But I’m in no way qualified to be a specialist on this topic. Just a curious e-resident participating in this democracy :slight_smile:

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Hello! Thank you for your question!

Actually, you seem to be reading your mind as something like this (a code-is-law based approach) is exactly the idea we are currently exploring.

Only instead of like Bitcoin we are striving to be more like ETH or DOT or Binance SmartChain - if/then based algorithmic rules, same for everyone.

If you have some particular tips what should actually be in those contacts, please, let me know! I would be first to admit that this is pioneering work and ideas are extremely welcome!

Yours sincerely

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This is definitely an interesting conversation. I look forward to see the reaction of the community and have them input more on this topic. Especially when more people get to know Liberland and would want to get involved.

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I would also say that maybe take the best of the constitutions from around the world and some improved innovation from the community would help. But ultimately I would say “build it and they will come” and hopefully enough cyber bullying would throw out any unwanted players from the platform.