Liberland involvement in international technical organizations

I’m curious about a possible avenue of diplomacy for Liberland that many people may not be thinking about: participation in international technical and standards-setting organizations.

Examples include: ITU, ISO, IEC, IEEE, W3C, ISSA

POLL: What do you think?

  • Tech-savvy Liberlanders should get involved as individuals, LL companies, and LL charities.
  • The Liberland Government should coordinate an official LL presence on the international tech scene (voluntarily, of course).
  • Participation in international technical organizations is a waste of time and money.

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  • I do technical work related to a STEM field.
  • I do NOT do technical work.

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It makes sense if the liberlander is primarily there as a frontier steward of the standard. If they are only there because they are from liberland, I’m not sure what value the standards association or even the liberlander is receiving.

Perhaps an alternative route would be sponsorship of certain decentralised technology, such as Signal or Ethereum, with evangelists having a presence at sponsored conferences.

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