Liberland (Government as a Service)

Hi everyone.

I was thinking since Liberland is building and continuing to build Government services; maybe it would be appropriate to suggest that we branch out as a service for identity on the Blockchain? (Since we have e-residents cards and the like.)

Furthermore I heard unstoppable domains was working on identity in the following way by trying to login with their domains.

So basically we could login with our Liberland ID onto the blockchain and provide that option to other projects in the metaverse. Plus I thought this would be applicable with other assets that people own around the world to preserve their property (whatever that may be) and at least a record of it.

My thinking is that there be “continuity of Government” so to speak in this decentralized world that’s coming about and allowing all the people around the world to migrate easily to the blockchain. Mostly because and it seems that most institutions around the world are undergoing change and finding something reliable (like Liberland) would enable better services from a Government if Liberland chooses to pick-up the task.

Anyway just shpealing :smiley:

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I’ve been E-Estonia E-Resident since 2015, I’m familiar with the concept: GOVERNMENT-as-a-SERVICE

Check this thread: Liberland Blockchain - #14 by Mars

One question that comes to mind - who will actually ship the code?

Blockchain space - infinite money printing - best developers (long enough in the space) made life-changing money - how do you attract and retain the best talent?

Liberland vision is powerful, strong and based on facts and physical manifestations. I can totally see it coming…

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