Liberland Food Infrastructure

Use this thread for discussing food options inside Liberland.

I eat a vegan diet.

I know there are some vegan-friendly restaurants in Novi Sad but the general population of Serbia tends to rely heavily on meats.

Has anybody tried eating vegan food at a restaurant within the Liberland/Apatin/Sombor area?

If so, what was your experience like?

Also, how easy is it to shop for your own vegan ingredients in that area?

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I am not a vegan but I guess we can have good fish from the River, anyone know whats the local biodiversity of the river? But like many other micronation my guess is that most food would be imported from around the area like Czech republic, servia, romania, Italy and greece.

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Vertical gardens would be cool thing to dream about. Having high-tech vertial farms could produce enough product to make us self sustainable specially using hydroponics and other ingenious way of growing food. Drones with AI/CV could optimize the taking care of fruit and veggies.

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It looks like you and I will have to focus on providing vegan food options in Liberland. The expertise we develop will come in handy building vegan food habitats in the regions of space beyond earth’s biosphere.


I have a suggestion… to buy large and cheap lands in the regions where the climate conditions are most suitable in South America and to sell products to European countries by doing agriculture and animal husbandry. In order to eliminate the transportation problem, bringing some of the products to Liberland may be a solution for us to provide both food and income. on a rotational basis, voluntary families may reside in these areas on behalf of Liberland. Marketing and delivery of food products to buyers can be organized from the center. in fact, it can be anywhere where land prices and climate are suitable. The productions made in the countries bordering the Black Sea can reach both Europe and Liberland via the Danube river. Turkey’s climate is very suitable for this job and land prices are very cheap in some regions. In Europe, it is possible to buy forests in some countries such as Austria. Heating and building houses are cheaper with this method. If we want a sustainable utopia, we must first become an agricultural country and then a commercial country. we must be a legal and recognized country as soon as possible, so that more investors will be able to support us.

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Interesting idea, @RehaErdem.

Having our own Liberlandian farmers would be nice, especially in a crisis situation that might involve global food supply disruption. In such an event, the closer the farm is to Liberland, the better.

As far as what type of economy we have, I look forward to seeing what the free market does in Liberland. I think there will probably be some people who love the idea of agriculture and choose to pursue that in Liberland or elsewhere but choose to sell specifically to Liberlandians. On the other hand, there are many Liberlanders who are active in the technology fields and can contribute to Liberland eventually being known as a “silicon valley” of sorts. There are also many other Liberlanders who bring a diverse range of other skills.

Overall, I am okay with the idea of Liberland being a net importer of food and physical goods. We don’t necessarily want to play the silly games of the other nations who are obsessed over their balance of trade. Sure, if I was given the choice between Liberland-grown food and that grown somewhere else, I would prefer the Liberland-grown. On the other hand, there would be a limit to my preference. If Serbia or Croatia or Turkey (for example) were to supply equivalent or superior food for a lower price, then I would start to favor the imported food more.

For me personally, part of my loyalty to Liberland requires that I first be ethically loyal to myself. After all, if I am 50% poorer because of my preference for Liberland suppliers, then I am less able to build my own Liberland ventures. So there will probably be trade-offs involved.

Besides, international trade is beneficial for diplomacy. If I buy from a Serbian farmer, then our business relationship helps us to recognize the value in each other.

Once we have physical access to Gornja Siga, I think that Liberland will rapidly become an urbanized state unless something happens to prevent that. So we will become increasingly reliant on food and supplies imported from elsewhere.


Liberlanders will farm and apply in agriculture the methods preferred by Liberland law. I think Liberland will be a country that receives a lot of support and attention in all respects when it comes to a position accepted by other countries. However, since the surface area is small, it will always be foreign-dependent for food. this can affect food quality. It may be tempting to buy land and farms in Croatia and Serbia, but this will depend on adequate good relations with these two countries. it may be easier to be in friendship and solidarity with countries that are farther away and do not border Liberland. It would be good to have an alternative to avoid getting into trouble when Croatia or Serbia prevent liberland investments in their own countries using any border problem as an excuse.

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