Liberland banknotes

There are diplomatic passports.

There are memorable coins.

Time for banknotes?

Great designer, world-class specialist:

(great portfolio video)

Printing shop:

What denomination would you like to see? I think 0.001 BTC is nice.

What batch size / limited edition?

I’m pretty sure the series 1 will achieve a premium on the secondary market 100 years from now :sunglasses:


Let’s start with “Series 0” instead. :wink:


I’m really inclined to do it…

…but I will need your support.

VALIDATION: Testing the hypothesis

banknotes are cool, they have collectible and memorable value, someone will buy it

LOGISTICS: denomination, unit price, batch size

TBD - to be discussed
TBC - to be confirmed

I was thinking 0.07 BTC or 1 ETH - reasonably high face value to justify high unit cost

Later series we can manufacture someting more typical for daily use, such as 0.001 BTC

GEEKERY: crypto magic

I was thinking that rather than “dumb” private key under the hologram, we could use some clever multisig design.

I’m not an expert here. I just happen to geek out on some of the things and since we are starting from blank slate - all ideas are possible in the realm of imagination :rainbow:

Bottom line: I reall want don’t trust, verify that the private key on the banknote is legit.

THE ASK: call to action

Of course, sending BTC to a stranger on the internet who claims to be printing money is rarely a good idea…

…but this time circumstances are different. I’ve been thinking about the easiest way to validate the hypothesis “someone will buy it”, will they?

I will need to receive 10 transactions to confirm the hypothesis:


This is my public facing, doxxed, reusable, pretty long BTC vanity address - proof on Stack Overflow.

Alternative option of market validation is using Gnosis Safe Multisig but the fees are 100x.

On BTC is it possible to send a transaction with 1 satoshi per byte (10 cents in total) - on Ethereum it is not economically feasible to move anything less $1000

This transaction will be under “most favoured nation” clause - whatever the final details will be, those who show the support at this stage - will get the best deal.


Once I receive 10 transactions to this address, I will know there is a market demand - hypothesis confirmed.

If not - it means I would struggle to break even on design and production cost - worth noting that I have pretty high “opportunity cost” - me investing time energy money into the design and production is not investing it into something else.

Together with the community we will design “crypto magic” so that the banknotes are much more than dump pieces of paper.

PS. There is no central bank in the Liberland, we might call this project “banknote shaped objects”

Newsletter from the banknote manufacturer:

I like the idea.

I think it will be fun.

I would like to do it.

Some pre-sale and community support required :pray:


Popped on my Twitter feed:

More importantly, each note includes a secure NFC chip where a multisig lives that allows you to claim the Bitcoin at any time.

Referral link to bump me in the waiting line: Offline Cash

Patent: US10896412B2 - Trustless physical cryptocurrency - Google Patents

I had this idea before, it should be a prior art, I don’t believe in patents though, it’s a like a recipe book for those in not supported jurisdictions :innocent:

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Used your referral link!

It seems like an interesting project. I’d be interested to get my hands on some notes and see where this goes.