Liberland and the pandemic/crisis response

This is the place where we can discuss the possibilities of how Liberland should deal with crises like the Covid pandemic, but also other calamities.


very broad question … certainly not following a single guideline, preferring an analysis made by people of science and conscience,
avoiding supranational authorities with conflicts of interest or worse

let’s take a look at the covid case.
one State that did a lot of good to the people was El Salvador which sent each of its citizens a prevention / treatment kit with simple and effective products.

try to tackle the problem as soon as possible with cunning in order not to face attacks from foreign media of various kinds

the San Marino case was interesting, it was very quick to accept the Sputnik serum as soon as it was released so as not to loom and use those with mrna technology.
the answer is (if you don’t know) that the latter are harmful and dangerous as well as acting as a genetic hacker.
Engineered vaccines have been distributed in all developed countries
unlike the “third world” countries which will have an unchanged population number in the coming years. (data available on the paramilitary site)
The San Marino population is demographically very low and of great power and has defended itself knowing that it is safeguarding life and reproduction.
I recommend doing the same if there is a single-cure mass psychosis.

vaccinating during an epidemic has the problem of creating variants.
a vaccine is not a good solution and there are many other viable treatments.

no obligation to wear a mask. it does more damage to breathe high concentrations of co2 and does not block a virus at all because it is much smaller and can be transmitted even with the simple water vapor that escapes from the sides.

Excellent points
I’d suggest avoiding all the group think nonsense but at the same time to keep under the radar of sticky beak powers that shouldn’t be from other nations, Big Tech and Big Pharma all of whom it is none of their business.
Another suggestion is a practical, truthful information pool to educate our selves and our community, information sourced perhaps from world class independent scientists, doctors, academics and others the likes of whom have had their truthful information censored.

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Agreed, and I think Liberland’s system is as close to non-groupthink as possible unless we really set a hard stopper to any measures. We should keep in mind that we should ready our system not for the past and present threat, but for “ANY” epidemic. Because other viruses might be more lethal with the Covid like epidemiological features (you don’t know you are sick for days, then you die), we cannot be en bloc against any and all measures.
And we aren’t - we let the professionals and those who have the skin in the game do the deciding. So I think Liberland, unlike many other countries, works with incentives, and I like how they are set up thus far.

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Thank you for your input! I would also add that lockdowns during epidemics are not just economic disasters but that they create variants as well as unhealthy and immune-compromised people. You can see it in the past and current waves of influenza. Not good.
Lockdowns or “Cordons Sanitaire” have worked during past deadly epidemics, but Covid is no plague. In non-Liberland States where some state solution was bound to happen fueled by"stolen money" of the public (i.e. non-voluntary taxes), we should have isolated those in danger, suffering the consequence of offering aid and help to 20 per cent of the largely less productive part of the populace, and leaving the rest open to catch the virus, experience it as mild flu, get immune. The economic damage would be far less than what we experience now, where those states must use tax money to subsidize businesses they forced into closure; if that is not dumb and wasteful, I don’t know what is.
In Liberland, the incentives offered by the healthcare providers and insurers would likely realize the same results (helping those in danger stay voluntarily isolated), but without the theft of money in taxes and consensually, contract-based.
As for the vaccines, those should be sold on the open market (both in extant states and in Liberland) and not rationed out.
If in Liberland an insurer wants to buy them in bulk and then distribute to their customers, that is his business.
Sweden, the USA, likely some Latine American states - fewer dead per 100k than the hard lockdown European states. Yet we haven’t learned and where I am now, we sit in a lockdown. Sad.

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exactly, not being in contact with other people weakens your immune system.
there must potentially always be an exchange of microbes (of which we are made up) to have a strong and healthy body,
the virus issue is more complicated! because in my opinion, after various researches, it must be something to do with frequencies (each of us gives off a magnetic field)
and the information of water (of which we are made)
after which we remember, the cells of our body produce waste, free radicals

recent discoveries such as the teleportation of DNA (which took place in the laboratory) and quantum physics, open up huge worlds

two years ago I had already come to the conclusion that if you want you can by frequency (danger of existing and future weapons)
to have the possibility of modifications or even the formation of a virus within a living body.
previously in the cold war there are military documents that have already studied more than 4000 frequencies in order to kill silently causing illness or dysfunction of the body.

very interesting is the theory of professor dr. Thomas Cowan who emphasized the advent of strange diseases in conjunction with the arrival of the first radio waves.
therefore it is assumed that any evolution and addition of these technologies that increase electromagnetism in the environment is the consequence of the onset of diseases and public health problems

I hope I have given you some good ideas to think about :slight_smile:

Step 1: don’t intervene. Let individuals handle their own health.

The end.


Agreed, just one point:
Step 2: don’t intervene when individuals together organize institutions based on contractual relationships that help them handle their own health.
(arguably, this one is ignored by Your Country even more than step 1, IMHO)

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I think we shouldn’t get too focused on the so called pandemic, we should at the same time keep our eye on the bigger picture being that the pandemic is being used as a tool to sneak in authoritarianism into other nations and authoritarian supra-nationalism.
Asides from the current “pandemic” the world is likely to see other decoy calamities emerge that will gear the worldwide authoritarian pattern.


activate subtitles

I highly recommend everyone to watch this interview to understand what happened and what is happening with biological weapons worldwide
the president world academy of biomedical sciences and technologies speaks

the second part will be out in 5 days

believe there is still coverage on other coverage with the inclusion of human-machine technologies in vaccines and 5g infrastructure.
let’s see what they will say in the next interview, but still the ‘laquintacolumna’ researcher and others around the world are publicly denouncing the hidden technologies

good vision and awareness

real dances begin

official videos: