Liberland Accepted: Places & Businesses where Liberland IDs open doors

State recognition is a tough and lengthy diplomatic process. In parallel, each and every Liberlander can haisten this process by coopting, convincing private and independent institutions to start doing business with Liberlanders and e-residents.

I thous invite everyone to relate their experiences - successful or not - in establishing any kind of relations with outside entities and officials, pass trough borders and doors that require identification/KYC.

These shared experiences will help other Liberlanders to access or avoid similar services, locations and institutions, until the moment we reach “critical mass” and just like Bitcoin, our peaceful presence and resources, businesses can not be ignored further.

The first goal is for us to create in cooperation a list of institutions where Liberlanders are accepted and welcome, another one where they are not (yet). The second one would be to try every month, week, day to open a new door, do business with a new institution, as a Liberlander. Third goal: PROFIT!


I’ll start with my own experience so far:

Both exchanges and accepted and verified me (KYC, 2021) with a Liberland passport, invoice and business website (with postal address).
Binance however rejected my documents.

I tried to open accounts with several European banks, however they told me they can only do business with IDs from countries that are recognized by the EEA.

As a solution I use Kraken as my bank, accepting crypto (including Tether) and exchanging that to fiat whenever needed, then transfered to any other bank from Germany.


Exactly the kind of thing that interests me. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Steve,
thanks for sharing.
Can you give more detail about the invoice and the adress of your website ?
Have you the same adress on your passport and on your invoice ?
I suppose you have an adress at Liberland. How do you get a liberland adress ?

My plan is to open a Mt Melerin account because Mt Pelerin offer banking service without bank ( IBAN etc)

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Certainly. I am currently building a platform dedicated to Liberland e-residents trough which they can access these tools and services. My company site is

Passport doesn’t even have address on/in it. I do have a Liberland address and so does my Liberland company, postal address is in the Liberland Free Trade Zone, which is in Serbia.


So you don’t use any “regular” bank. Can Kraken accept wire transfers? For example my clients all pay me in ILS with wire transfers. Will I have a wire-transfer swift address to give my clients if I start using Kraken as my bank?

Only if the transfer comes from yourself (the owner of the account) to yourself, otherwise just crypto. So no, clients can not pay fiat directly into your Kraken account.

try to use bankera (iban) bank account … also will be a service to open trust bank account, but for now they are still in the works with their soon available services

Are you customer of dtscb ?
do they accept withdraw to crypton company ?

Until last week, I used wise to make withdraw to ftx and kraken. And now they refuse this kind of withdraw.

How do you get a postal address in the LFTZ? Also, I recently became a citizen but was not given a passport. How do you get a passport?

Thanks in advance.

hi, seems you just got e-residence. citizenship and passport is the next step:

  1. Gather 5,000 LLM (Liberland Merits) by contributing or work for Liberland

  2. Stake 5,000 merits

3.Apply for the citizenship

  1. Application review: Liberland Ministry of Internal Affairs reviews the application

  2. If granted, the Liberland Portal will be updated with the new citizenship status

I received my citizenship already, but they just shipped me the certificate of citizenship and not the passport. I was expecting the passport as per my conversations with Cameron but it did not come with the welcome package so I am wondering how to get it if you are already a citizen.

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@Tao_Hunter it’s okay. It can often take a while. Maybe someday certain “expedited” add-on features could start being offered in Liberland in a similar manner to how I received my US passport.

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Has any of you guys ever tried to travel across borders with your Liberland passport?

I live in Denmark and may be going to Switzerland during the summer. Since Switzerland is a part on the Schengen Area (but not the European Union), I believe I could travel to Switzerland with just my national ID card, but it could be interesting to flaunt my Liberland passport.

What’s the worst that could happen when I also carry my Danish ID card and passport? That they reject it and the accept my Danish ID documents? Or could I get fined (or even jailed)?

Has any of you guys tried something similar?

I do not think they can do anything more than reject the document.

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That’s a good starting point.