LGBT(2)Q+ Group of the Free Republic of Liberland

The Free Republic of Liberland (FRL) LGBT(2)Q+ Discussion Group! It is where people, of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-Spirit, Queer, Questioning, and more, can discuss topics of immigration, business, and all other things that go along with the FRL. Take Care and I hope the discussions will be wonderful!

I’m not a fan of so called gender diversity, political correctness, woke-ness or the disproportional stage given, in relatively recent times, to aforementioned in many countries around the world. Or for that matter government mandatory gender diversity education for children.

Sure, if one is gay, queer, what ever - I and many others straights value discussing topics of immigration, business, and other FRL topics. Indeed I and others wouldn’t want to exclude groups from any discussion.

Creating this group tends to promote exclusion of straights discussing topics of immigration, business, and other.

I suggest lets not create subgroups like this one based on gender, religion, race or any other pro-exclusive sub group. Instead I think it’s better for all individuals to discuss all range of topics as we’ve all been successfully doing till now, in a single inclusive common forum open for all.


As somebody who used Usenet newsgroup extensively way back when, I would like to add another argument for not creating the suggested group: all experience shows that having a separate group for something does not automatically bring about traffic for such a group. Once the traffic is there, however, it may — or may not — be appropriate to spawn a new group.

On the Danish part of Usenet, everyone could could file a formal request to the steering group to have a subgroup or a special interest group created and post it to a public newsgroup so that the creation of the suggested group could be discussed. Once the discussion period (1 month?) was over, the steering group would make a decision based of the discussion and publish the result.

One of the requirements to be included in the request was: show us that the traffic for such a group is already existant. No traffic, no new group. The rationale was, first and foremost that a new group doesn’t — as a rule of thumb — create new traffic, and secondly that it is much harder to remove a group once it is there, than to create a group. And if the steering group gave in and created a new group each time it tickled somebody’s fancy, the newsgroup hierarchy would be full of dead and uninspiring groups, and it would be difficult to find a relevant place to post your topic that also has eyes that will read the post.

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Think, you just testing the libertarian fundaments?

How do you stand with the assumption the LGBT+ Community is just a dividing instrument of cultural marxisim, identity politics, mobbing and at least a biological death-cult?

So we need a understanding of diversity of ideas, based on philosophy, morals and values not a understanding of feelings and natural origins. The socialistic group-thinking tries to divide on body attributes, skills and abilities and attempts to smash all individual thinking and ideas into a equalizing group.
I judge people only on their individual behavior, and don’t ever see people as a part of a group, not even a nationality like liberlandian.

So thanks for nothing.


Update to my last post
Original image gone but archived here
I’ve just discovered that I’ve been labeled as part of the LGBT+++, +++,+++,++ community. See attached image, apparently I’m a “P” type on the end!
I’m straight and don’t like being tagged by others as belonging to a non straight sexual orientated so called inclusive community. Being polyamorous I believe a relationship is an honest mutual agreement between only the people in the relationship, that this mutual agreement is not the business of any religion, state, society, thought police nor any sticky beak group not a party to this private intimate agreement. I also believe that I ought not be obliged nor coerced to make my personal agreements known to others or even that they exist. I’m making exception on this occasion aren’t I.

Since 2000 the acronym LGBT expanded past 4 letters and has been getting longer and longer ever since!

I think that most people including many within this sexualised orientation so called inclusive community think that this amplified initialism is just getting out of control.

So, in conclusion to the original proposal my suggestion hasn’t changed. I suggest lets not create subgroups like this based on gender, religion, race or any other pro-exclusive sub group. Instead I think it’s better for all individuals to discuss all range of topics as we’ve all been successfully doing till now, in a single common forum open for all.
Or to rephrase, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

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