Introductions: What got you into liberty and how did you find Liberland?

Hello everyone, to strengthen the community, let us know your liberty journey.

How did you become interested in liberty, and how did you discover Liberland?

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For myself, it is was this video:

Through live experiences over the years, I had moved from several traumas that liberalism could not explain and even caused, thought he study of philosophy into a strong ethic of libertarianism. Upon watching that video, I found my ethic finally had a name, and I followed up with studying all of Roger Ver’s recommended texts, the most influential being the works of Hayek and The Law by Frederic Bastiat:

I have since continued the study over at Bevry, the community and company I founded to expand collaborative wisdom.

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People are born and die with freedom, they do not need an extra supplement. Sometimes an author, a book can remind us of that, but in general, every day a small battle for freedom is fought in people’s hearts.

Paradise on Earth is not possible (and it always ends ingloriously), but Liberland can be our ideal, a reminder of what the state has always been supposed to be and what we have failed to afford to our citizens.

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How I became a libertarian :statue_of_liberty:

I started out as a conservative because I grew up in a conservative home. “Freedom” was viewed as good, as long as it enabled things we viewed as “good”, but not when it enabled things we viewed as “bad”.

However, I eventually realized that intellectual honesty required that I recognize that “freedom” for people to do things I liked also involved freedom for them to do things I disliked. I recognized that if I and another person are not harming each other, then neither one of us has a right to dictate the private lifestyle choices of the other. If we did have such a right to dictate, then there would be no “freedom”, only coercion.

That realization helped me to become a libertarian.

How I became a Liberlandian :dove:

I first heard about Liberland from a connection on LinkedIn. As an American who had never left the U.S., I was very skeptical of the possibility of a libertarian country on the other side of the world. I was skeptical because of the indoctrination that I received growing up. Conservatives in the U.S. would consistently proclaim that the U.S. is the greatest, most free nation on earth. They would say this with little to no actual data or evidence to support their claims of American exceptionalism. It was pure propaganda.

Thankfully, Liberland helped my eyes to be opened to the facts.

When I read a draft of the Liberland Constitution, I knew that I simply had to get involved. I noticed that it inherited a lot of the intellectual heritage of the U.S. Constitution, but that it went beyond it in ways that were more libertarian and innovative. As the LL Constitution draft continues to evolve, I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

In September of 2020, I became an e-resident and started volunteering as a journalist for Liberland Press. You can still find me there.

Less than a year (and many hours of work) later, I am now a Liberland citizen.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you all to help build the freest nation on earth!
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I kinda don’t have a choice. Liberty :statue_of_liberty: is my only option :joy:

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