How will Liberland defend itself from threats?

Taiwan is currently being worn down through military threats via the CCP’s “gray zone warfare”:

Gray-zone warfare is also an international threat:

Which is somewhat synonymous with unrestricted warfare:

How can Liberland defend itself from military threats, such as what is happening to Taiwan, and how could it defend itself against memetic threats, such as what is happening throughout the world?


This is a good question.

FEE mentions a little-known ancient nation (Khazaria) that was more “libertarian” than most and how it ended by being conquered:

I’m not a military strategist, but my intuition says that Liberland would not need to be able to defend against all possible attacks, but must only be able to make it so difficult to conquer that it would not be worth the risk for other nations to attack. In other words, it should be unprofitable for attacks to be attempted on Liberland.

Having a well-armed civilian population can help against small-scale attacks, but certain types of attacks (like nuclear, EMP, etc.) demand more than what most civilians could afford.

Also, one of the more common forms of “warfare” is now hacking, which can be done by basically anyone with an Internet-connected computer. The Liberland government definitely should (and reportedly is) prioritizing cybersecurity in the development of official stuff. :computer:


Of course, Liberland is such a small country that the main motives of any attacker would probably be at least one of the following…

  • Greed to steal the wealth of Liberland, :money_mouth_face:
  • Hatred of libertarian ideals/people :statue_of_liberty:

…and probably less of the these:

  • Desire to increase territory size (Liberland is tiny) :world_map:
  • Retaliation against perceived agression (Liberland is a peaceful nation, so it is harder to make passionate enemies) :dove:

Feel free to add to any of this. :slight_smile:

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Since there has previously been military conflict in this area of the world as recently as within the past few decades, what is the risk that there are residual land mines which are waiting to explode within the Liberland territory? If there is a significant risk, what do we plan to do to detect and disarm those mines and make the land itself reasonably safe?

I’m thinking that we probably don’t have much to worry about. But, definitely a well armed populace would be very important. I suppose we could have a military militia as well, but have it be private.

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This is not a rigorous analysis, but I suspect Switzerland and Costa Rica offer models here. Their protocols of strict diplomatic neutrality have mostly eliminated the need for large standing armies. In the case of Switzerland, you can also point to their citizen militia and their centrality in European and global banking. Even at the peak of Germany’s Nazi power, when there was a strong desire to unite the Germanic people, and despite sharing a long border with Germany, there was never any consideration given to attempting to incorporate Switzerland by force. (I suspect the difficult logistics of maneuvering over mountains plays a role too.)

Thinking strictly of Liberland, most of the nation’s assets will be stored on blockchains. A cyber attack of Liberland’s keys would be more fruitful than attempting to invade by force. As long as ownership of the physical land is acquired without force or coercion from its neighbors, there’s no reason to expect any invasion from neighbors. When Liberland entities actively engage with and invest in its neighbors, and don’t discriminate on the basis of nationality or religion, there’s every reason to expect the safety and security of Liberland will be ensured by our mutual interests.

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to have a secure defense without having an army (the war must end), it is necessary to have structures, companies, international organizations within Liberland.
example Switzerland which has always held European money …
having war aid treaties from neighboring countries is also an idea.
another problem are the new wars with psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons which are a big problem, especially also to preserve health from waves above 2.5ghz for example wifi (already harmful for cell growth and oxygenation) but higher waves such as those of 5g 6g millimeter technology are very harmful to humans and the environment.

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