E-Residency as tax residency

I wanted to ask whether a case can be made making an e-resident a lawful tax resident of Liberland where other juristictions would acknowledge that. Or what arguments could be presented to argue that? @Michal_Ptacnik I’m not sure if this is an appropriate question to ask you :blush:


Well, an e-resident is I would guess implied not to be a lawful physical resident of Liberland. As for tax resident, that could be possible, but the problem is that Liberland is at present not recognized in any form whatsoever by most any extant and reputable state as an independent state. So we are now more treated like a possible development project. After a widespread recognition would take place, only then can one realistically expect a recognition of tax residence. There are some who might try to present their Liberland documents to i.e. banks and exchanges, but I would say that they presently do so “experimentally” at their own risk and that such actions are not (yet) guaranteed any success, sadly. :frowning:

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